House Rules

What to Expect at Le Cat Café
  • 12 cats (rescued, single, and ready to mingle)
  • 20 humans per hour max
  • Reservations STRONGLY recommended.  BOOK YOUR VISIT NOW.
  • Human children under 12 must bring your human adult
  • SIGNED WAIVER required for all humans, including children
  • Cat Wrangler will greet you and will prep you for your date with cats
  • 1 K-Cup is included with your entrance donation – self serve coffee/tea/hot water.
DOs and DON’Ts with CATS
All cats are rescues from Green Street Rescue, have been fully vetted and are ready for adoption. The welfare of the cats is paramount.
  • DO – supervise your human children
  • DO – respect the cats, and make sure human children do the same
  • DO – Be gentle. Treat our cats like your own cats, or like you would want to be treated if you were a cat
  • Remember Cats are…. Cats! If you upset them and something goes wrong, please don’t sue the humans !! Besides, you signed a waiver.
  • DON’T – make loud noises
  • DO – take photos & tag us on Instagram @greenstreetrescuephilly
  • DON’T – use flash photography
  • DON’T – wake sleeping cats
  • DON’T – pull cats’ tails or ears
  • DON’T – touch cats’ eyes
  • DON’T – pick up cats against their will
  • DO – keep drinks safe and away from cats
  • DO – talk to the Cat Wranglers if you have any questions
  • DO – bring your own food for yourself and other humans, only (at your own discretion)
  • Cats eat Cat food. People eat People Food.
  • DO – fill out an application to adopt a cat
  • DO – help us spread the word and invite other cat lovers