Featured Fosters


Meet Angie! This lovable lady has been with Green Street Rescue since March of 2022. She has also been moved around to three different foster homes during her time here and is ready to find her furrever family. She loves to play with wand toys and chase her toys when you throw them. She is an older girl who would prefer to be a single cat in the house. Angie has already had dental work and is healthy and ready for her next step in life. She runs to the door to greet her foster parents and loves to sit on their laps. 

Stinky Doodle

Meet Stinky! His name comes from his rescue story. He was found in terrible condition. He was very stinky  (hence the name), dirty, covered in gunk and barely able to open his eyes. He got medical care immediately and started to be cleaned up by staff and himself now that he was in a safe space. 

Mr. Stinky is FIV+ but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life like any regular cat. He is a bit on the scruffy side when it comes to appearances (his bald spots are a work in progress), but is still very much a dashing boy. Also don’t let the lack of teeth fool you, Stinky is in love with food and he will let you know when it’s feeding time.

When you first meet him, he can be on the shy side, but once he meets everyone, Stinky comes out and demands pets from everyone in the room. He has the sweetest soul. While he doesn’t like to play too often, he is 1000% always down to cuddle. Warning if you sit on the couch he will immediately climb on to you. Stinky is the biggest baby lap cat, so if you are looking for a cat that is low energy and the perfect TV buddy Stinky is your cat. If he wants your attention, you will hear it. Stinky is very vocal is always down to have conversation with you

 P.S yes he sticks his tongue out to bleep when he’s happy, yes we have no idea why but yes its the best thing in the world.