Featured Fosters

Type Description
The Model Thinks he/she is beautiful. Tends to walk around with their tail up and head raised in a confident manner. Lounges in the front window showing off for everyone.
The Personal Assistant Always following their human around. Loves to help human work or browse the computer. Super helpful by laying on the computer keyboard.
The Shy Guy Tends to hide. Not a huge fan of the other cats, but loves one-on-one attention with humans. This is the secret admirer.
The Genius Quite sneaky, finds ways to get into trouble. Some skills may include the ability to turn on the faucet or do something naughty without getting caught.
The Party Animal Loves to play. Wants to be the center of attention and usually quite chatty.
The Executive Domineering personality. Feels comfortable in a leadership position. Tends to like to be the boss and finds other cats annoying.
The Sleepyhead Can always be found lounging around and snoring loudly in their favorite spot.
The Lovebug Super sweet. Cannot resist the human touch. Constantly wants to be held, pet, and loved.
The Private Investigator Observes from afar and absorbs every detail of the situation. Can be found in high areas.